TRAINING SEMINAR May 5th 2016 – Dr RALF VOGT from the Leipzig Trauma Centre

CDS SEMINAR  – THURSDAY MAY 5th 2016 at 4-8pm

DR RALF VOGT, trauma and body- orientated psychoanalyst from the Leipzig Trauma Centre in Germany will be presenting a seminar at the CLINIC FOR DISSOCIATIVE STUDIES, 35 TOTTENHAM LANE, LONDON N8 9BD (our new premises) on:

THURSDAY MAY 5th 2016, 4.00-8.00pm

Cost: £40

Dr Ralf Vogt of the Leipzig Trauma Centre in Germany has developed his own unique and fascinating research-based treatment approach for people with complex post traumatic states and dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D). This has included a synthesis of body- oriented techniques with psychoanalytic thinking and includes the patenting and developing of aids to inform the work. His speciality has been physical objects in the room that allow the transference to be worked on outside of the therapy-patient dyad.

The seminar will be in two parts with a break half way through for refreshments.

Part 1 will detail Dr Vogt’s experience in the GDR and the impact of the Stasi. The particular trajectory of his clinical and theoretical thinking on trauma and dissociation is explained against this political background.
Part 2 is a detail of his carefully researched and innovative SPIM assessment and treatment program. It includes his work on perpetrator introjects which is internationally known.


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